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About administration of “Check A Toilet”

■ Administration

Non Profit Organization Check

■ Purpose of organization

 The purpose of Non Profit Organization Check is to provide support for information service widely
to public citizen grasping toilet information for wheelchair which is necessary for public daily life and
disaster prevention. In addition, Check aims at making contribution to enhancement of profit
for the total society, targeting improving utilization of toilet for wheelchair and making information
of citizens movement and supporting its activity through popularization of using internet and
progress of sense toward toilet for wheelchair.

■ Contents of project

(1)Services of supporting citizens movement through making toilet map
(2)Services of collecting toilet information and providing it
(3)Services of popularization and enlightenment regarding social contribution activities
(4)Other services which are necessary to achieve purpose of the organization

■ Officers

・Executive Director
 Kenji Kaneko   【twitter】 【facebook】

 Masayoshi Imanishi    Barrier-free Adviser , Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples' International

 Shigeharu Yamauchi    Art Director

 Masakazu Hayashi   President , Mercury Co., Ltd.

■ Supporting members

ai – Line corporation
Mapion Co., Ltd

■ Cooperating companies

eAccess Ltd.
Google Japan Inc.
GroupM Japan K.K.
Intel K.K.
ISFnet Inc
Paramount Japan G.K.

Aoyama Gakuin University
Kanto Gakuin University

Activities so far

◇ Year 2003

Worked for a travel agency as planning and sales and planned tour with nursing care and tour
for wheelchair users. At that time, became aware of lack of information for universal design
toilets, which is not standardized, either.

◇ Year 2004

Worked for a system development company and planned toilet map for internet version
and making the business proposal.

◇ September 2006

Quit the company and started up volunteer organization, “Check A Toilet” Project.

◇ June 2007

Started “Check A Toilet”, universally designed toilet map.

◇ January 2008

Started activities as Non Profit Organization Check

How to participate

“Check A Toilet” which is administrated by Non Profit Organization Check is a website which is
led by all of you. We welcome to have “providing information”, “collaborated project (providing
technologies and human resources)”, “network cooperation”, etc. in order to realize society
where everybody can go out without constraint for not only wheelchair users, old persons and
their families but also expectant mothers, family accompanying small children and people
coming from overseas. And we would really appreciate your cooperation in order to enhance quality
and quantity of information and to increase recipients.

◆to all of companies summary of collection list 〔as of March 2013〕◆
・translation work
・system development (application development, version up of functions, etc.)
・collection of information, collaborated recipients
・business collaboration (secretariat, press agent, press officer, etc.)

■ supporter system

Non Profit Organization Check collects corporations and individuals who could approve intentions of ”Check A Toilet”.
・Supporting members :entrance fee 0 yen,annual fee one share 150,000 yen
・Corporation supporters :entrance fee 0 yen,annual fee one share 30,000 yen
  ☆benefit☆ more than one share:inserting yearly text advertisement
・Individual supporters :annual fee one share 10,000 yen
  ☆benefit☆ notified as a cosponsor

■ bank account for member fees and contributions

bank name   : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Oyamadai-Branch (branch code 349)
account number : (deposit account)1126614
account name  : NPO Check Executive Director Kenji Kaneko 金子健二


2009/06/16 :〔newspaper〕appeared in Asahi

2009/05/30 :〔WEB〕appeared in France Televisions France 2.fr

2009/05/19 :〔movie〕 appeared in Reuters.com

2009/05/12 :〔TV〕Introduced at Tokyo MX NEWS in Tokyo Metropolitan TV

2009/05/04 :〔WEB〕appeared in The Daily Telegraph

2009/05/03 :〔WEB〕appeared in The Mainichi Daily News

2009/04/24 :〔newspaper〕appeared in Mainichi

2009/02/13 :〔TV〕 Introduced at universal design PR program in UHB Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting

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2009/02/04 :〔WEB〕 appeared in CNET Japan

2009/02/04 :〔WEB〕 appeared in japan.internet.com

2008/11/16 :〔RADIO〕Introduced at 〔07:40~07:55〕 in TBS radio

2008/09/26 :〔newspaper〕 appeared at life page in Nikkei evening (26 Sep)

2008/09/17 :〔WEB〕appeared at VENTURE VIEW (CNET Japan)

2008/08/19 :〔WEB〕 appeared at “goo news” 【trend of social life】 You can see society through toilet (I), (II)

2008/08/18 :〔newspaper〕 appeared at social page, “profile” in Nikkei morning (18 Aug)

2008/06/08 :〔newspaper〕 appeared at life page in Asahi morning (6 Jun)

2008/05/20 :〔newspaper〕appeared in Yomiuri evening (20 May)

2008/05/18 :〔RADIO〕Introduced in NHK RADIO No.2 (National broadcast)”live together” (18 May )

2008/04/30 :〔WEB〕 appeared in IT media Biz.ID “search toilet in unfamiliar towns―4 mobile phone services

2009/03/03 :〔WEB〕 appeared in japan.internet.com

2007/06/30 :〔WEB〕 appeared in entertainment corner on Jiji press