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About “Check A Toilet”

■ What is “Check A Toilet“?

““Check A Toilet “ is an internet project that everybody can make “a toilet map” by information
from autonomies and facility companies and word-of -mouth type of information by individuals,
local NPOs, volunteer groups, etc.

Purpose of this project is that you can share information of places where “multi-functional toilet
(toilet for everybody)“ and “toilet for wheelchair” are located. It can also provide equipment
information relevant to toilet like “ostomate (person having stoma)”, “baby bed”, “nursing room
for mothers”, etc. And eventually you can make the situation such that everybody can go out
without constraint. And eventually you can make the situation such that everybody can go out
without constraint.

■ Mission

Targeting the world that everybody can go out without feeling constraint.

Why don’t you look around you once?

What is mandatory for daily life and a thing which everybody uses?

That’s a toilet.

A toilet, the thing which you always use casually.
Have you had a toilet you feel easy to use or one you feel hard to use?

If you feel easy to use, others may feel so as well.
If you feel hard to use, others may feel so as well.

What do you think if you can share such information with others?

Mothers who accompany small children, people on wheelchair, old persons, etc.
worry about toilets when they go out.
Why don’t you think those people can can go out without constraint if they can check toilets
before going out or at the place where they are actually exist.

This website can provide toilet information checking information about universally designed
toilets (*1) which is collected by cooperation of “local people”.
The purpose of this project is that you can thoroughly cover not only Japan but also worldwide
about toilet information.

※1 universally designed toilet (UDT)
The “universally designed toilet” means a toilet which is designed so that everybody can easily use.
You can have equivalent but differently named toilets other than “universally designed toilet”
like“multi-functional toilet”, “toilet for everybody“, “multi-purpose toilet“, “toilet for disabled”,
“toilet with wheelchair mark”, etc. In this project, we would like to call all the information
including different type of toilets mentioned above uniformly as “universally designed” because
we aim at collecting all the information of “universally designed toilet”.

What is “universal design” (U.D)?
* designs which have environments and products so that everybody can use them easily
as much as possible without any improved or specialized design. (by Ron Mace)
(by Ron Mace)

■ Origin of Check A Toilet

Establishing community where you can spend much easier life in your district.

Making a toilet more comfortable by everybody’s effort/li>

in order to make your life-style comfortable.

That’s why we have started this project.
The name of website, “Check” stands for 3 meanings such as

Check 1 = investigate toilets at the place where you go out. (investigate)

Check 2 = register toilet information and mark the place on a map.(register)

Check 3 = confirm toilet information before going out or at the place where they are actually exist. (search)

☆This website promotes making universal design of information, develops and administrates
“Check A Toilet” and aims at open information in communities all over Japan.


■ 2009/11/09 :〔providing information〕 in collaboration with Google Maps of Google Japan Inc.

■ 2009/08/24 :〔providing information〕 in collaboration with PetaMap of Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

■ 2009/04/21 :〔authorized project〕 Yokohama sightseeing promotion forum

authorized project ”Feature of Yokohama sightseeing”

■ 2009/02/04 :〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with ACCESS CO., LTD.

collaborated development of ”Check A Toilet Widget”

○ How to download
(1) select ”Check A Toilet Widget” at PC version in Japanese
(2) select ”Check A Toilet Widget” at mobile version in Japanese

■ 2008/11/01 :〔executed example〕 providing information (autonomies and facility companies)

■ 2008/09/17 :〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with Numazu-city, Shizuoka prefecture

”Feature of Numazu-city, Shizuoka prefecture”

■ 2008/08/25 :〔providing information〕 in collaboration with rescuenow@nifty

“Feature of disaster prevention day 2008”

■ 2008/03/03 :〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with Mapion

collaborated development of ”Check A Toilet Mobile”

■ 2007/11/10 :〔activity report〕 checked toilets in Yokahama area with desabled people

■ 2007/07/20 :〔activity report〕 in self-helped life center, Tachikawa