about Check A Toilet

【 An English version will start soon. 】


2013/03/01 〔press〕Held a social event using a smartphone and GroupM Japan → moving image
2009/05/30 〔WEB〕 appeared in France Televisions France 2.fr
2009/05/19 〔movie〕 appeared in Reuters.com
2009/05/12 〔TV〕 Introduced at Tokyo MX NEWS in Tokyo Metropolitan TV
2009/05/04 〔WEB〕 appeared in The Daily Telegraph
2009/05/03 〔WEB〕 appeared in The Mainichi Daily News
2009/04/24 〔newspaper〕 appeared in Mainichi


2009/11/09 〔providing information〕 in collaboration with Google Maps of Google Japan Inc. → press
2009/08/24 〔providing information〕 in collaboration with PetaMap of Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. → press
2009/04/21 〔authorized project〕 Yokohama sightseeing promotion forum ”Feature of Yokohama sightseeing”
2009/02/04 〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with ACCESS CO., LTD.  ”Check A Toilet Widget”
2008/11/01 〔executed example〕 providing information (autonomies and facility companies)
2008/09/17 〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with Numazu-city, Shizuoka prefecture
2008/03/03 〔collaborated project〕 collaborated project with Mapion ”Check A Toilet Mobile”